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Riccardo Perale, born in Venice in 1946, has lived in Padova since 1974.

A young enthusiast of photography and the cinema, at sixteen he won the national Anica Agis prize, with a short film on Murano glass.

He decided to become a doctor and chose the most image-bound specialisation: radiology.

Clinical experience and university teaching of computer-aided diagnostic methods (digital radiology, ultrasound scanning, computed tomography, magnetic resonance) led him naturally to the application of software to the photographs of people, things and places, most recently the vaporettos on the Canal Grande in Venice, a key place of his childhood memories and nostalgia.

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Much of the force of Perale’s images lies in his analytical-imaginative, better still generative, ability to construct the image.

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This site is a presentation of Riccardo Perale's works: Venice pictures and artistic photography which are ideal modern wall art. All works are limited edition art prints that look like modern paintings.